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Today, I'm dishing the dirt on my all-time favourite sewing patterns – the MVPs of my sewing stash.

We're talking about those patterns that have seen more action than my seam ripper on a bad day. These aren't just patterns; they're my 'ride or dies', my 'sew-mates', if you will.

So, pull up a chair, grab your go-to snack, and let’s dive into a world where the lines are drawn, the darts are daring, and every cut is a new adventure.

Ready to find out which patterns have me wrapped around their little paper fingers? And maybe, just maybe they'll capture you too!


Waves and Wild

I first stumbled upon these guys when they were branded as 'Made by Jacks Mum'. I was yet to dabble in the world of cotton lycra and needed something easy to make to take that leap. They had a pattern for kids' leggings and it had so many variations available, like ones for cloth nappy butts, for slim legs and for relaxed legs. It quickly became my go-to for my eldest and 6 years later I'm still making these leggings for my youngest. OH! And did I mention it's FREE!?

Get your own copy of it here:

Waves and Wild have such a massive range of patterns from newborn to adult. They are definitely worth checking out next time you're stumped on what to make.

Georgia's Portfolio

Georgia is a young, up-and-coming pattern designer based in Brisbane, QLD. She designs, pattern makes and hand crafts each of her sewing patterns. Each is thoroughly tested before releasing to the public.

I've personally made the Don shorts and they're a fantastic sew! A great length, and perfect for our summer. The instructions are so well written and Georgia also has video tutorials on her website if you get stuck

Peony Patterns

The results honestly speak for themselves, when I first found Peony Patterns I thought I’d never be able to achieve such a beautiful make, but boy was I wrong! The patterns explain everything perfectly, and if there is trouble to be had their official YouTube channel is there to help! Every single pattern I’ve bought and made from Peony has been absolutely gorgeous and sizes are great!

Each of their dress patterns can be made to be more formal, or have a relaxed look. They have such a massive collection of patterns to choose from and their baby range… ADORABLE!

Tadah Patterns

Finding a variety of boy patterns can be hard, so when I decided I was ready to dabble in the button-up shirt for my son, Tadah Patterns was the first place I looked. And of course, after that I've just found pattern after pattern that's just as perfect as the last! They have fantastic instructions that are so easy to understand and follow. What was an incredibly intimidating sew, turned into a simple, well explained and easy to follow project.

While I personally haven't dabbled in their dresses, many of our Cloth Cuts Creatives have and they LOVE them!

Traveling Thread Co

I was recently introduced to these pattern makers and I am so excited to give one of their patterns a go!

Sew to Grow

Lindsey is based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and when I saw the patterns she had for sale I knew I had to try them out. So while I haven't sewn with her designs YET, I am just waiting for the fabric to arrive before I can whip up a brand new dress for myself. I cannot wait!

And of course I had to mention these guys. They're obviously on my list to support and sew but I just haven't gotten around to tackling them yet:

DIY Daisy -

Common Stitch -

Megan Neilsen Patterns -

Twine Tree -

Tiny Design Pattern -


Hubba Ding

I first found Hubba Ding when it was branded as "If Kim Wore Clothes", I fell in love with the oversized look that she specializes in and grabbed a few of her patterns. They're such simple sews but the final outcome is so good!


Below the Kowhai

These guys drew me in purely for their skirt pattern. It's got pockets, it's got an elastic back waistband and flat front waistband. It's got the perfect length, not too short, not too long. I mean, what more do you want? I think I've made this pattern 5+ times now - yikes!

And of course their other patterns are ridiculously cute and comfy too!


Obviously there is a ridiculously large number of pattern makers and I can't touch on them all. So here are my all-time favourites

Little Lizard King / Styla Patterns

LLK is honestly my go to when I want to make my little miss a dress or cute top. They cater well for both woven and stretch sewists and their website is so easy to navigate! Their instructions are so well written and they've been tested so much before release you'll know that not only is the pattern perfect, you've also got a massive team of helpers if you need a little extra support during your sew.

Their sister site - Styla Patterns, has you covered for adults patterns. Dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms they're all cute and a great go to pattern!

Oh Me Oh My

If you're ever looking for the perfect old timey pattern for your little ones - look no further. OMOM has the perfect combination of timeless designs and kid friendly outfits. And they're easy to make! While most of these patterns are for woven, OMOM does have a couple of stretch patterns that are just as cute as the rest.

AND they have just started releasing adult outfits! I've been lucky enough to test a couple and I can say they are so good and will definitely be making more in the future

Lowland Kids

If you've ever been on the hunt for comfy clothes for kids - you've hit the jackpot here! Lowland Kids caters for boys and girls in the comfiest stretch patterns I've found. Tops, bottoms, dresses - they have it all!

Their instructions are simple and before you know it, you'll be a repeat customer and they will be a repeat project!

Twig and Tale

Twig and Tale have a timeless feel about them. They focus on classic pieces that won't go out of style tomorrow. I've sewn their Fable dress and it's one of my favourite pieces (and it has pockets!)

And let's not forget their everyday wear kids' costumes! If your little one wants a dragon costume but you don't want the cheap nasty thing from the cheap store, then make up one of their costumes, the quality in these sews is spot on and your kid will be so proud to say "my mum made this" (or dad)

Made for Mermaids

If you're hunting for swimwear or activewear look no further than these guys. They've got everything from underwear to winter wear. They cover kids and adults and their range is MASSIVE.


Now I'm not a bag maker BUT I have had some help from a very special friend who knows her bags.

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