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Print Your Own Design!
Unleash your creativity by designing your own fabric!
Simply upload your file, check the scale, then choose the base you want to print onto. We’ll print the tile or panel on your chosen fabric base and ship it to you within weeks.
Upload your tile or panel in a PNG or JPG format with a resolution of at least 150 dpi. You will also need to specify the scale this is to be printed at. This can be done by specifying the size of the tile in cm, or by specifying the resolution in DPI. For tiled prints, please ensure that the file is seamlessly repeating and that the image size is at least 150dpi (1180px x 1180px for 20cm x 20cm).

Print Tile (Full Quality)

Drop the print quality tile here in PNG or JPG format -or- click to choose. (max size 256mb)

Choose your scale
Print scale is a relationship between the pixel size of your design, and the resolution that it will be printed at. Changing any of the values on this page will affect the others.
Desired Repeating Tile or Panel Size
This is the scale that your tile will be printed
Print Resolutiondpi
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