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Did you know that alot of wrapping paper isn’t actually recyclable? If it has any glitter, foil, a thin layer of plastic (doesn’t rip easily) and any present toppers like bows, ribbons, baubles etc, DONT put it in the recycling bin.

While it might be confusing with what can and what can’t be recycled when gifting presents this year, keep it safe and create your own gift bags and wrapping paper by using fabric! This also means that you can use them time and time again.

Drawstring Gift Bag

The classic Santa Sack or gift bag is of course the drawstring bag. The simple rectangle with a channel at the top, some cute rope or ribbon fed through the channel and pulled tight to gather the opening shut.

We’ve already done a drawstring bag tutorial on our blog, so I would recommend jumping over to that post, omitting the toggles and shortening the rope.

Jump to the tutorial HERE

Ella’s Simple Gift Bags

What you need:

  • Woven Fabric
  • Ribbon or curling ribbon
  • Pinking Sheers

How to:

Cut two squares at desired sizes. Line up the two pieces of fabric, right sides together and clip/pin.

Use pinking sheers to cut along the top (opening) of the wrapping paper. Sew along the other three edges and trim the excess fabric off with pinking sheers

At the bottom two corners, flatten them out diagonally so you can make the bottom of your sack a box shape. Mark your inches depending on how wide you want the bottom of your sack to be (example: small bottom 1-2 inches, larger bottom 3-4 inches). Sew along here and then trim any excess threads.

Flip the fabric inside out and voila! Wrap your presents, finishing the reusable wrapping paper off with Christmas ribbon – or some twine!

Un-Wrapping Paper

Another way to create reusable wrapping paper is to hem your fabric rectangle/square and then wrap your presents. Instead of using tape, you can tie it off with some ribbon or even tie it off on itself.

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