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About Our Fabric

Have you ever wanted to try one of our bases but just haven’t quite gotten around to it? Well, DID YOU KNOW… that you can actually order a sample piece to be posted out to you so you can get a good idea of how it feels, prints and looks. Order some today (Click here)

By Heidi Mansfield

Cloth Cuts Swim Lycra is a soft and stretchy base with an SPF50+ rating. It’s perfect for swimwear, and would also be excellent for dancewear.

The recovery is probably one of the best I’ve used; it holds its shape well, both in and out of the water (it snaps back to its original shape and offers some resistance). To date, it has resisted pilling and has shown no signs of colour fade.

I have primarily made rash shirts from Cloth Cuts Swim Lycra because my 3.5yo is a real water baby. He wears them for weekly swimming lessons at an indoor heated pool, as well as wearing them for swims in backyard pools and on the beach. The base is sturdy and opaque, so I have not needed to use lining for these items. For swim trunks, I’ve lined only with AWJ where necessary.

It glides through a domestic sewing machine, overlocker and coverstitch without missing a beat, and does not slip and slide like some other Swim Lycras I’ve used.

The best thing is that through Cloth Cuts I can order this amazing base in not only any CC print (new or old) and in prints from the Artist Marketplace, but I can order it in custom prints. I definitely call that a big win!!

Sun Protection Power-Up!

Our Swim Lycra isn't just about looking good in the water – it's about keeping your skin protected too. With SPF 50+ built-in, you can enjoy your beach days or poolside lounging with an extra layer of sun defense. This means more fun in the sun with less worry about harmful rays.

The Perfect Blend

Made with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, our Swim Lycra is the ideal blend for swimwear. This fabric is all about performance – it’s durable, stretchy, and holds up beautifully against chlorine and saltwater. Imagine swimwear that not only fits like a glove but also moves with you, from beach volleyball to laps in the pool.

Width & Weight Details

Coming in at a width of 150cm and a GSM of 260gsm (+/- 5%), our Swim Lycra is robust enough to maintain shape and color, yet flexible enough for all those dynamic swims and dives.

Order What You Need

We get it – sometimes you need just enough for a one-piece, sometimes you’re outfitting a whole team. That’s why we start with a minimum order of just 0.5 meter. And, of course, for larger projects, we cut the fabric in one continuous length. No interruptions, just smooth, seamless fabric.

Care for Your Swimwear

Taking care of this fabric is as easy as a summer breeze. Rinse it in cold water after use to wash off chemicals, chlorine, sunscreen, or saltwater. For a deeper clean, a cool machine wash without fabric softeners does the trick. And remember, no tumble drying or ironing – let it air dry and retain its perfect form.

Our Swim Lycra is your go-to for creating swimwear that's not just about making a style statement, but also about providing comfort, durability, and essential sun protection. So, ready to make a splash with your next project? Our Swim Lycra is here to make it happen!

Width: 150cm

GSM: 260gsm (+/- 5%)

Properties: 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex

Minimum Order Quantity: 1m

Care Instructions: Rinse in cold water as soon as possible after use, to wash off any chemicals, chlorine, suncream or saltwater. Cool Machine wash, do not use any fabric softeners. Do not tumble dry or iron.

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