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Jenna from JayJay’s Boutique (now Oh Sew Lovely Handmade) has generously put together a FREE smock pattern for everyone. It’s quick, it’s simple AND it only uses 0.5m of PUL! So now there are no excuses as to why you cant whip up a smock for messy play (I’m looking at you arts and crafts). Have a go and make sure you let us know how it goes!

What you need:

  • JayJay’s Boutique Smock Pattern
  • 0.5m PUL (150cm wof) more for directional prints
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing Machine with PUL approriate needles
  • 6mm Elastic – 15cm x2
  • Matching Thread
  • Snap Plier or Snap Press & KAM Snaps
  • Awl (for guiding the snap holes)
  • Bias (Optional)
  • Overlocker (Optional)

How to make a smock:

  • Print the pattern at the actual size. Pages will not need to be trimmed.
  • Tape together pages as per below and cut out the pattern (If you want to double check the scale, the chest piece should measure 42cm from top to bottom)
  • Trace and cut out the four pattern pieces in your fabric, ensuring that you cut the arm piece mirrored

  • With the good sides together and the neck scoops aligned, sew the arm piece to the chest piece. Do this again with the second arm piece

  • Now you will need to finish a few raw edges before sewing the rest of the smock together. You can do this by either hemming or adding binding. The areas you will need to finish are the neck hole, left back and right back (as shown as the purple lines on the image below) If you are adding the pocket to this smock, please hem the top of the pocket piece now too

  • To add elastic to the sleeve cuffs you will first need to make a casing. Do this by folding over the fabric with the wrong sides together and sewing in place leaving a hole/unsewn area to thread elastic. Make sure that the casing is wide enough for your elastic to sit in without folding.
  • Take your elastic and feed it into the gap left in the stitching until it does the entire loop and you have both ends of the piece. Sew the ends together at the desired length/tightness and allow to disappear back into the casing. Sew the casing closed.

ADDING THE POCKET (Optional): Lay the smock good side up, and place the pocket piece on top of the front body piece with the good side out, aligned with the bottom of the smock.

  • Now fold the smock arm pieces down and line up them up to get a finished smock shape. Sew along the length of the arm and the side of the body piece (as shown below with the purple dotted line) If you are overclocking, you can sew in one continuous line from one cuff to the other including along the base of the smock.

  • Hem the bottom part of the smock.
  • Then just install your closing snaps on the neckline and you’re done!

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