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Meet the Artist

Ever wanted to know more about the talent behind our prints? Come sit down with us as we chat with the artists, and learn more about them and their day-to-day life.

Tell us a bit about yourself  

Hi, I'm Lauren Powell of LozzieElizaDesigns, I am a Surface Designer artist which lives on rural land surrounded by animals and native flowers. I create patterns using a lot of colours, nature-related and Australian-themed.

Before I was a Surface designer creating designs I was a Tourism Photographer after graduating from school, My favourite thing to draw is native Australian flowers,  I am an identical twin sister & I love travelling to Sydney or Canberra with my family exploring different areas.

How long have you been creating your art?

I have been creating patterns since 2019 but always loved being creative either digitally or traditionally using Watercolour, acrylic or Pencils since I was young.


Where do you draw inspiration from? Some of my inspiration for my designs come from the cheeky animals around me, the seasons, flowers in bloom, and design challenges prompt.

What's the most exciting thing you've seen your art on? Always do a happy dance seeing my art on everything created by talented creators and my favourites have been a wallet and knot headbands.

What is your favourite art style at the moment?

I love creating vector designs without too many details but I go between that style and loving how watercolour texture looks and digital gouache drawn in Procreate.

When you're not creating, what do you get up to?

I love to read books or Manga, Crochet blankets for my dog, watch my favourite streamers and play games on my computer and console.

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