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This is something I used to make a lot of for my Miccy’s Collection days, so I was beyond excited to be able to share this with my team and now with you all! Ella did an amazing job making this apron up without too many instructions so I had to make sure that I did a good job for the blog.

What you need:

  • Fabric – preference to canvas/drill but anything will work – for the main apron piece
  • Contrasting fabric for the pocket
  • 150cm of Strapping / Grosgrain Ribbon (cut into two lengths: 95cm and 55cm)
  • KAM Snap / Velcro

How to make it:

Once your apron pattern is printed and cut out, you will need to cut out the fabric. With the pocket piece, you will need to overlock all 4 sides (if you don’t have an overlocker, zig zag stitch them so that it doesn’t fray later). Iron over each of the sides so that they are all tucked inside the pocket Sew down one side – this will be the top of the pocket.

With the main piece of the apron, take each straight edge and fold over to hem. Sew down. (Ella has done an amazing double row of stitching for hers, but you don’t have to do this, single row is totally fine too)

Using the marks on the pattern piece, align the pocket onto the main apron and pin in place, making sure that all of the overclocked edges are tucked inside. Sew this in place, ensuring you keep the top edge unsewn and open

Now take your ribbon or strapping in two pieces 95cm and 55cm.

Lay the apron on your cutting mat, face down. Then, with the shorter strap/ribbon lay it onto of the raw edge (make sure you fold over a tiny bit of the end to prevent fraying – or if you’re using grosgrain ribbon you can burn the end with a match/lighter). The strap should overlap the apron just a small amount, sew carefully in the overlapped area.

Fold the now sewn strap over onto the good side of the apron. Sew in place.

Add a KAM snap or velcro to this side.

Measuring 40cm from one end of the 2nd piece of strapping/ribbon, attach it to the body of the apron at this point in the same method as before. Leaving the extra bit of the strap that we measured down from for the neck loop. Finish each end of the strap by folding over and sewing in place

Add the closing snap to the end of the neck loop (or velcro) and then the apron is done!

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