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Ever find yourself with full hands and then you have to juggle everything to fish your keys out of your pocket or bag? Me too! (Don’t forget balancing a kid on your hip whilst trying to keep them and everything else from dropping)

So one day I saw some of these around and thought it was time to make some myself. Then of course everyone else in my life wanted one, so I thought it would be a fantastic chance to do a simple tutorial up so you can make your own now.

Of course we couldn’t just keep it to one style, we had to do two! So we have the traditional flat key fob, as well as a scrunchie style. And of course you can alter them both to use either the classic key fob clasp, or a clip.

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Flat Key Fob

What you need: – 30 x 10cm woven fabric (SHOP Beneath the Palms HERE and Nomad HERE) – 30 x 10cm iron on interfacing – Key fob piece (shop here)

How To: Fuse the interfacing to the woven fabric by ironing together

Fold in half and iron down Open fold Fold the edges in to meet at the middle and iron down Fold in half again along original fold (this encloses the long raw edges)

Top stitch in place

Fold entire piece in half so the remaining raw edges are together Taking the key fob clasp, feed in the raw edges and squeeze keyfob jaws closed (try using pliers with some extra fabric around it to avoid scratching the metal)

Scrunchie Key Fob

What you need:

  • Woven Fabric (40cm x 7cm)
  • Elastic 23cm
  • Key fob clasp or clip

How to make it:

Take your piece of fabric and fold in half with good sides together Sew along the long side

Turn the tube the right way out. Feed elastic inside the tube, making sure you clip/pin it at one of the open ends so that you don’t lose it Once you have each end of the elastic at each end of the tub, sew down

If you are using a clip, fold one raw edges over and feed it through the clip buckle bit. Loop it back down onto the other end and pin in place. (you should encase the second raw edge with the first ones fold)

If using the clasp, feed both raw edges into the clasp, and clamp down (use pliers if you need, make sure you use some scrap fabric to protect the metal from scratches)

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