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Sewing is about the only time I ever use an iron. And even then I never use it as much as I should (just ask my mum). So, of course, I snatched up this mini ironing board from Ikea for only $9 (JALL IKEA) and it lives amongst my sewing stuff. On the rare occasion that it does appear as part of my sewing project, I'm never a fan of the cover that's on it. So I decided to whip up my own - and I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was!

What you'll need to make your own:

  • Fabric (enough to cover your ironing board cover, wrap down the sides and underneath a bit and then have a hem all the way around the edge)
  • Rope

How to make it:

Using your ironing board as a template. Trace around it, but make sure you make the traced line 10-20cm larger than the ironing board. This will allow for the cover to wrap down the side of the board and under where it will be held in place.

Finish the edge of the cut template with the overlocker to prevent fraying (however if you're not planning on washing it you don't really need to finish it)

Fold the template edges over 2-3cm (enough to allow for your rope to be threaded through) and sew in place. Make sure you leave a hole for the rope to be threaded in and out.

Take your rope and thread it through the channel you have just sewn

Once you have passed the rope all the way through the channel, pop the cover onto your ironing board, and gently tug on the rope to gather and secure the cover in place.

When in place and gathered evenly, tie off.

Then step back and admire your new ironing board cover and how it brightens up your sewing area.

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