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Most of you would know that I have a 8-month-old baby. And she’s started solids recently, but of course, she’s far too petite to sit in the classic IKEA high chair without some sort of support. Enter the IKEA highchair cushion.

I know you can just buy a store-made cover for these guys and yep, they’re only like $7, but they’re really just not that pretty! And what better way to add some colour to your dining area than with a Cool Cloth Cuts Cushion Cover! (that was a lot of Cs)

This sew honestly took me about 10 minutes to do (I did it in between microwave checks with our defrosted freezer meal last night). And the pattern is free, so you don’t need to worry about having the cushion insert first. Just click on the link below and use the projector pattern or the printable A4 pattern to make your own.

What you need

  • PUL fabric if you want a wipe clean option (Ummm YES!) I used a cool printed pattern, and then on the back side, I used plain black, but there’s nothing stopping you from using two different patterns
  • KAM snaps (or stick on / sew on velcro would work too)
  • The FREE Pattern - Download it below.

How to make it:

  • Cut out two pattern pieces (make sure you get the right direction if you’re using a directional print)

  • Place them on top of each other with the good sides together
  • Sew/overlock along the sides and top wobbly bits (just don’t sew along the straight bottom piece, that’s your opening)

  • Fold the bottom edges up and up again to hem the base
  • Sew this in place

  • Add snaps or velcro to this hemmed area (reinforcement yay!)
  • And then just make sure you have one of the cushions from ikea OR else just use the pattern template again to cut some wadding or foam of your own to make a cushion) and pop the cover over it, close it up with the snaps or velcro. And then pop it into the highchair.

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