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Girl and the Deep Blue Sea

Meet the Artist

Ever wanted to know more about the talent behind our prints? Come sit down with us as we chat with the artists, and learn more about them and their day-to-day life.

Anna from Girl and the Deep Blue Sea joins us on our Artist Marketplace with some of the brightest, happiest prints we have available.

Hello I’m Anna! I live in Brisbane with my partner Marco and our four year old daughter Esmeralda and our six chickens! My big loves are travelling, anything creative, and being in nature especially on a coral island. My ideal weekend would involve green tea, opshops, and lots of beach time! 

How long have you been drawing for?

I’ve been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil! When I was young I drew mostly using graphite pencil and would create these large detailed illustrations always trying to draw as realistically as possible. 

At the end of high school I put together a portfolio to do a fine arts degree but the day before it was due I panicked and applied for a science degree instead. Now after many years working in conservation ecology I’m now enjoying a more creative career!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes mostly from nature, especially tropical flowers, bright fish patterns, and seashells. I grew up at the beach so I love anything to do with the ocean. I’m also a bit obsessed with Pinterest and create lots of boards filled with inspirational images. 

What is the most exciting thing you’ve seen your artwork on?

I would have to say fabric, especially the very first time I saw my artwork on a piece of fabric. Every time I see my designs turned into something wearable or useful is so exciting and surreal! 

What is your favourite style at the moment?

I really like combining realistic nature illustrations with quirky & abstract backgrounds. I also love doing paper collage which is completely different but such a fun activity. Most of my work is done by hand but I’m learning to use Procreate for more variety. 

Where can we find you?


Instagram and Facebook: @girlandthedeepbluesea

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