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You should know by now that I LOVE a good scrap buster! And this one is no different.

Make it Christmas themed or not, its a great little addition to an otherwise 'boring' gift. Plus it adds that little bit of a personal touch!

What you will need:

  • Cotton twill in printed pattern
  • Cotton twill in solid colour
  • Iron on interfacing
  • Matching thread
  • Iron

What you need to do:

Download the pattern for this here (it comes in a bundle with a few other cute freebies)

Or you can download it on its own here

Print it off and cut it out, then cut out 1 piece of patterned twill and 1 piece of solid twill - make sure they are mirrored. And 1 piece of interfacing (make sure the interfacing is smaller than the fabric you just cut so that you avoid having a super bulky seams.

Apply the interfacing to the printed piece of twill

Now place the two pieces of twill right sides together so that the edges all match up. Stitch around the outside leaving a hole for turning. Trim off any crazy excess you might have, and cut down the corners without cutting through any stitching.

Turn right side out and iron to make it nice and crisp

Fold the turning holes edges back in so that it creates a nice neat edge. Iron in place.

With the holder, printed side down, fold it so that the solid twill is on the inside.

Top stitch all the way around the now folded rectangle, leaving the pocket area open

And that's it!

Ready for gifting that gift voucher or cash, whilst adding something personal to the present.

See the reel making these on Tiktok now

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