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About Our Fabric

French Terry Fabric: The Ultimate Choice for Cozy Winter Wear

French Terry is an essential fabric for anyone looking to create warm, comfortable winter clothing. This mid-weight fabric is akin to jersey, featuring a looped pile on the reverse side and a smooth, soft finish on the printed side. Not only is it snug and warm, but French Terry also excels in moisture absorption, making it a superior choice for comfortable, everyday wear.

What Can You Make Using French Terry Fabric?

French Terry is incredibly versatile and ideal for a wide array of apparel. It's perfect for crafting comfortable and stylish clothing such as shirts, shorts, skirts, jumpers, hoodies, and dresses. Its combination of softness, warmth, and breathability makes it an excellent choice for everyday winter outfits.


Width: 150cm

GSM: 300gsm (+/- 5%)

Composition: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex

Minimum Order Quantity: 1m

Why is French Terry Fabric Ideal for Winter Clothing?

French Terry fabric is a standout for crafting winter clothing due to its unique structure and properties. The looped pile provides extra warmth, while the smooth outer surface adds to its aesthetic appeal. Its blend of cotton and spandex offers both comfort and flexibility, making it perfect for a range of cozy, winter-appropriate garments.

Care Instructions:

Maintain the quality and feel of your French Terry fabric with proper care. Cold wash and line dry to preserve its texture and colour. Avoid ironing, bleach, optical brighteners, and other harsh chemicals. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

Share Your Winter Fashion Creations

Have you designed something fabulous with our French Terry fabric? We're excited to see your unique clothing creations. Share your shirts, skirts, jumpers, or any other apparel made with our fabric, and inspire the sewing community!

by Jenna Jones

Cloth Cuts French terry is one of the softest fabrics I’ve sewn with. This French Terry is slightly heavier than Cotton Lycra at 300gsm (whereas CL is 260gsm). It has a 4-way stretch and the recovery is great! Because of the slightly heavier GSM, it is a great alternative for winter sewing, ie. jumpers and joggers/track pants which may require that extra thickness to protect you from those colder days. As for the printing, well the smooth side of the fabric is where you will find the gorgeous designs. And of course, the reverse side of the fabric has the terry loops.

I have been sewing for my business for almost 5 years now and I can always count on the quality and consistency of the colours with Cloth Cuts.

I mainly sew children’s clothes, and as you can imagine, those little people can get themselves into some messy and sticky situations, but even with the countless amounts of washes and stain remover sessions, the colour and fabric holds up tremendously.

I’ve made a number of items with French Terry, including jumpers to shorts and shirts with regular hems and lettuce hems. And I find that it takes on any pattern and its finish is amazing.

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