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I’ve been blessed with two very drooly babies, so I’ve always had to have a giant stash of dribble bibs. Ive tried so many different types and ended up settling on this combination and size. It’s great, absorbs A LOT and dries fairly quickly (dribble rash go away!)

What you need:

  • Absorbent fabric (like toweling or flannelette)
  • Cotton Fabric for the pretty side of the bib (Cotton lycra, cotton twill or flannelette

How to:

Print and cut the pattern Lay your pattern on top of your fabric pieces, and trace around the pattern. Cut out your print and absorbent fabric.

Place the bib pieces on top of each other, right sides together and clip. Sew around the bib, and when you get to the bottom point of the bib, lower your needle and lift your foot so that you can turn the fabric. Leave a 1.5 inch turning opening along one side so that you can turn the bib out.

Using scissors or pinking scissors, trim the excess fabric along the entire bib, but do not trim the opening part. Be sure not to cut through the stitching. Turn the bib gently inside out by pulling it through the opening. Smooth out the fabric at the opening, and clip it closed.

Topstitch all around the bib, ensuring you sew the bib closed at the turning hole. Using an awl, make a hole in the top of the fabric as shown on the pattern, and add your snaps.

Admire your work and smile at the gorgeous bib you just created!

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