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Are you an avid gamer? Board games, DnD, and so forth? Or do you know someone who is? Well this tutorial has you sorted for next game night!

What you will need:

- Synthetic leather (2 prints if you want it contrasting)

- Cardboard

- Strong glue (I used E600)

- Kam Snaps (and a way to apply them)

- Sewing machine, thread and leather needles

How to make it:

Cut out 2 squares of your synthetic leather, these need to be approximately (00cm x 00cm)

Cut out a square of cardboard 00cm smaller than the leather (this will be your base and stop the leather from flopping around

Spread a thin even layer of glue over one side of the cardboard and place it into the centre of one of your leather squares. Repeat to the other side essentially creating a cardboard leather sandwich. Pop something heavy on top and allow to dry overnight.

Once dry, Sew a straight stitch as close as you can to the cardboard. This will just hold it all in place better and prevent any glue coming unstuck.

Stitch another line near the edge, leaving enough allowance so that you can trim down any uneven edges

Fold the edges together like pictured and mark where the KAM snaps will go. Apply the snaps (this makes it so you can open the tray and have it lay flat when not in use)

And that's it!

Happy rolling!

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