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Ever wanted to know more about the talent behind our prints? Come sit down with us as we chat with the artists, and learn more about them and their day-to-day life.

Meet Dani, the artist behind a few of our amazing prints. Think Turtle Cove, Sandy Shores, Whale Pod (and there may or may not be a few more on the horizon too!)

How long have you been drawing for? D: I have been drawing since I could first pick up a crayon… all the way through school. My Nanna taught me how to paint with watercolour, then in high school I got stuck on acrylics. Dabbled in digital while I had my bubs then started back with traditional art and bigger panels.

Where do you draw inspiration from? D: I draw my inspiration from nature, particularly the marine-based art to match my marine science degree. I also love colour and the way it contrasts with other colours. I also love patterns and mark-making, particularly abstract-style.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve seen your artwork on? D: I get excited when I see my artwork on ANYTHING! Whether it’s on fabric, or sitting in a shop or on a wall as a mural.

What is your favourite style at the moment? D: My favourite style at the moment is definitely “mixed media” i.e. ALL the art supplies. I feel there are no rules when it comes to using supplies – some artists would argue this, but I love watching how the different mediums behave and interact with each other.

Where can we find you? D: I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. And you can buy any of my art from Etsy. Instagram Etsy Facebook

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