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Cotton Twill Fabric: Elegantly Draped and Versatile for Fashion and Quilting

Cotton Twill is a distinguished fabric, known for its unique diagonal weaving pattern, which contributes to its excellent drape. While it's a lightweight fabric, Cotton Twill is a robust choice for various sewing projects, especially in dressmaking and quilting. Its texture and weave pattern offer both elegance and versatility, making it a popular choice for a range of creative endeavors.

What Can You Make Using Cotton Twill Fabric?

Cotton Twill is superbly adaptable and perfect for a variety of creations. It's ideal for making stylish clothing like shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, and tops. Its lightweight yet durable nature also makes it a great option for quilting and bag making. The fabric's drape and ease of handling allow for both structured and flowing designs.


Width: 150cm

GSM: 140gsm (+/- 5%)

Composition: 100% Cotton

Minimum Order Quantity: 0.5m

Why is Cotton Twill Fabric a Preferred Choice in Dressmaking and Quilting?

Cotton Twill stands out in dressmaking and quilting due to its diagonal weave, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability and ease of sewing. It's particularly favored for its drape, lending a natural, graceful flow to garments and quilts. This fabric is perfect for those who value both aesthetic and functionality in their sewing projects.

Care Instructions

Ensure the longevity and beauty of your Cotton Twill fabric with proper care. Cool machine wash and line dry in shade. Cool iron if required to maintain its texture and appearance.

Share Your Cotton Twill Creations

Have you crafted an amazing piece with our Cotton Twill fabric? We're thrilled to see your clothing, quilting, or bag-making projects. Share your work with us and inspire others in our creative community!

by Heather Butler

I don’t sew garments for babies, toddlers or even myself, but I love to sew! There are so many talented seamstresses in the Facebook VIP Cloth Cuts group. After years of making finger puppets and felt stories for children, I decided it was time to branch out and try different crafts –  embroidery, doll making, lots of bags and quilting – with a lovely group of school Mums.

I found I really loved quilting, but realistically how many quilts does a family need or even want? I liked the precision, combining colours and patterns in blocks. Sometimes I struggle cutting up beautiful fabrics into little pieces – almost seems a crime but then you can create something even more beautiful in combination with other fabrics!

One of the best types of fabrics I’ve used is Cloth Cuts, 100% Cotton Twill.

This fabric has a bit of a slinky finish, a lovely close even weave and it’s a great weight. Along with the fabulous digital designs available, it is perfect for patchwork. It doesn’t fray easily so this is another bonus along with being extra wide and not folded on a bolt. None of those permanent creases to attempt to iron out!

Nowadays my sewing time is spent making Quilts and Laundry Bags for Aussie Heroes – an organisation of volunteers who make for Defence members (mainly on deployment).

The wide selection of Australian Flora and Fauna Fabrics is great and being designed by Aussies makes these fabrics even better.

One of the advantages of dealing with Cloth Cuts is the “Bespoke” option. If you have a particular interest/pattern – it can be created!! Not to mention that your favourite fabric will always be available. How many times have you been a little short and cannot find any more of “that” particular fabric?

I love sewing with Cloth Cuts Fabrics and I am sure I am not alone in this!

Have you ever wanted to try one of our bases but just haven’t quite gotten around to it? Well, DID YOU KNOW… that you can actually order a sample piece to be posted out to you so you can get a good idea of how it feels, prints and looks. Order some today (Click here)

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