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When I saw this tutorial with one of my fave free sewing pattern places I just had to make it and share it! (original sewing pattern can be found here: See Kate Sew)

What you'll need:

- Outer fabric

- Lining Fabric

- Zip

- Interfacing

- Sewing machine, thread and zipper foot

How to make it:

Cut out your fabric and interfacing using the pattern above

Fuse the interfacing to the outer fabric pieces

I find the zip easier to do if it is cut from a continuous zip and i add the pull on later, however if you are using a preconstructed zip, please ensure that the zip is longer than the short side so that you don't have to sew around the pull.

Attach the zip to the shorter side of the front piece buy placing it good sides together and then pop the lining fabric onto, lining up all of the edges and pinning/clipping in place, sew along the edge.

Fold the fabric over so that the zip and the good side of the outer fabric is showing, fold the fabric so that it sits close to the zip teeth but not touching. Double check that the lining fabric has folded nicely and will not interfere with the zip at all. Now, using the zipper foot, sew along the folded edge.

Repeat this, adding the zip onto the second piece of fabric with the lining. Sandwich the zip with the wrong sides together, sew along the edge. Fold the fabric over to see the good side, check that the lining is okay and then sew it down using the zipper foot

Add the pull onto the zip by opening the zip a tiny bit on one end and slowly feeding the pull on. Make sure its even. Once the zip is on, position it roughly in the middle.

Take the two pieces of lining and the two pieces of outer and pin them right sides together. Make sure that the all edges line up well and are matching.

Sew down each side so that you have a long tube - take care when sewing over the zip (its a good idea to go slow here incase you break a needle if you hit the wrong part of the zip)

Maneuver the fabric so that the bag is essentially inside out with a large opening at the base. Pin this in place and sew down (I did this with the overlocker to avoid fraying)

Now smooth the bag out and work the corners so that they are flat and mark each side approx. 1cm in and draw a line across. Sew along that line. And cut the excess off if you want.

Fold the bag back in on itself so that the outer is showing

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