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If you’re a Waves and Wild subscriber like me, you might have received this amazing freebie pattern in your inbox during November. When I saw it come through, I knew I had to make one up, especially because Miss Sophie didn’t have a stocking for her first Christmas yet. But don’t worry, they’ve now got it for free on their website for everyone to access!

After a quick trip to Spotlight to get some super fluffy fur (that dropped hair EVERYWHERE in my sewing nook), and some contrasting fabric for the lining. I raided the Cloth Cuts in-stock fabric to get some Willy Milly Christmas for her stocking.

So with their simple instructions and amazing print-at-home pattern, I was able to whip this up in a matter of minutes.

What you need:

  • Stocking fabric (outer)
  • Lining fabric
  • Cuff fabric (I used fur for this – it looks amazing!)
  • The Waves and Wild Pattern – Download it for FREE HERE

How to:

Place your outer pieces right side together and pin in place Repeat with your lining pieces Sew around the outer edges, leaving the top open

Turn your outer layer the right way out (so that the pretty side is out), feed your inside out lining piece inside your outer stocking piece so that the WRONG sides are together. Match up the front and back seams and clip/pin together. Pop aside for now

Fold your loop piece in half wrong sides together matching the long edges and press to make a crease. Open your loop piece back up and fold each long edge in to meet the crease you just made, but not over it and press. Keeping those folded edges in place, refold your loop piece along your original centre crease and press again. Your loop piece should now have four layers once all folded. Topstitch along both long edges close to each folded edge.

Now back with your stocking in hand, place both raw edges of your loop, with the same side facing up, inside of your stocking. Pin in place

Fold your cuff piece in half, matching the short edges Flip so that the good side is facing out and your cuff makes a circle

Turn your stocking inside out so that the lining is on the outside. Pin the top raw edges to the top of the stocking – making sure you line up the cuff seam to the stocking seam. Check that the loop isn’t caught up anywhere

Sew around the top of the stocking Turn your stocking back to the right side out. Flip your cuff piece down so that the raw edges are hidden your loop should pop out now too

OPTIONAL: if you’re not using fur, you can top stitch around the top of the cuff now to keep it all in place

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