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Christmas Gnome

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I’ve been seeing these Christmas Gnomes everywhere the past couple of years – they seem to be becoming more of a thing despite the fact that we have sweltering heat each December. I personally have never been a fan, but my 5 year old loves them and has asked if we could have some to decorate this year. So we decided to make our own – and after a quick duck to spotlight for the fur, and the cheap shop next door for the ‘noses’ we were ready to create!

Now this one can be either sew free or have a small amount of sewing, its totally up to you. I did a tiny bit of sewing in the tutorial – mostly just with the hat, but you can just use the hot glue gun for that instead.

What you need:

  • An old sock (or a little fabric pouch)
  • Beans, Lupins, Rice (something heavy for the filling)
  • Fabric for the hat
  • Wooden bead or pom-pom for the nose
  • Fur for the beard
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to:

Take your old sock (or fabric pouch in my case as the sock had holes in it and I found out too late…) and add your desired filler until you are happy with the sizing Take the end and tie up with a rubber band, make sure its nice and tight to prevent any escapees

With a rough idea of the width of your desired beard, cut out a rectangle of fur (if you can, try not to cut the actual fur and just cut the backing so that get more of a shaggy beard look) Trim the rectangle down to a triangle

Hot glue that beard in place Separate some of the hair in the centre at the top, pop a big dab of hot glue there and add the wooden bead or pompom in place Put this little guy aside as now we need to make the hat

Using the circumference of the gnomes “head”, roughly cut out a triangle (or rectangle and then cut down to a triangle like we did with the beard) from your hat fabric If sewing, with the good sides together, sew the hat into a cone. If you want you can also hem the base of the hat now, I just hot glued the hem in place though.

Now you just need to hot glue your little hat onto the gnomes head, making sure the top of the hat is nice and snug near his nose and no “skin” is showing between the top of his beard and the base of the hat. And then you can have fun making different sized gnomes, adding wire to their hats if you want them twisty or adding some poly stuffing to make them upright and tall.

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