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Christmas Bon Bon

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Christmas lunch always comes hand in hand with Christmas Bon-Bons (Christmas Crackers). But being single use we thought we would figure out a way to make them reusable and extra cute!

I was able to gather everything I needed to make these just from around the house (cause who doesn’t have a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls just lying around)

What You Need:

  • Woven Fabric 15cm x 25cm (x2)
  • Ribbon or curling ribbon
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll (hopefully it fits nicely inside the toilet paper roll card)
  • Hot glue gun

How to make it:

Take your paper towel roll and cut it down to be about the same size as the toilet paper roll. And just check that the rolls fit inside each other. Cut your fabric out into two rectangles at 15cm x 25cm

Hem one short end of your fabric by folding over the end twice. Hem one long side of your fabric by folding it over once, make it as small of a hem as you can.

Now taking your hot glue gun and one of the rolls, you will need to glue the raw edge onto the roll. Make sure that the roll is positioned so that the end of the fabric will be able to tuck inside the roll. Once set, apply glue to the tiny hem on the fabric, and roll the fabric and cardboard tightly to reach the new glue. Hold in place until it sets.

Now dab some glue into the end of the cardboard with the raw fabric end. Poke the fabric in onto the glue and allow to set.

Repeat those steps again for the second paper roll. So that you end up with two halves of a Christmas Cracker

Gently work the smaller tube inside the second tube so that you end up with one cracker Take your ribbon pieces and tie the fabric ends up so that anything inside the tube doesn’t fall out AND it makes it look extra pretty

And finally, pull apart the bonbon to add in your treats. Try some little lollies or toys – and make sure you put them into the smaller half first otherwise it may end up all squished inside.

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