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When my son was younger I picked up one of these amazing balloon covers from a local market stall. He absolutely loved it, loved that he could take a balloon outside and it didn’t pop the second it touched the grass. So now with two kids, I need to make a second one for all the balloon fun! I took the original balloon cover and managed to create this from that. So yay! Here we go!

What you will need:

  • Fabric (preferably a woven base)
  • Balloon

How to:

Print out the pattern and cut out the fabric. I did a printed pattern with a contrasting colour. You should now have 6 oblong shapes, 1 hexagon and 1 split hexagon.

Take the two split pieces with good sides together and sew down each side of the 2cm marked line (making sure to leave a gap in the sew line for the balloon end to poke through later / turning hole.)

Open up the sewn together hexagon and lay flat, sew around the turning hole/balloon hole to create reinforcement. Put aside for now.

Taking the oblong pieces, sew with good sides together from top to bottom leaving the flat ends unsewn on one side, continue adding pieces on to the last one to eventually create a full circle of oblong shapes.

Fit the hexagon piece into one end of the inside out ‘tube’ of the cover.

Sew this in place

Fit the split hexagon piece into the other end of the cover. Pin and sew in place.

Feed the balloon cover back through that turn/balloon hole so that everything is the right way around.

Pop a balloon inside with the cover with just the end sticking out of the hole. Blow up balloon to the size of the cover (don’t over expand it cause you don’t want to pop any stitches) and tie off the balloon.

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