Cloth Cuts

Have you ever considered selling fabric to the world with your own seamless tiled designs?

We provide artisans with a marketplace to list designs and start earning royalties for each meter sold. If you enjoy designing, why not have fun and start making money with Cloth Cuts?

Customers worldwide can purchase your designs on our fabric bases, and we'll take care of the printing, packing, and shipping. Promote your listings via social media and other channels to increase sales and royalties.

It's rewarding to see your designs come to life when people turn them into beautiful clothing and homewares. Don't worry; you will always maintain the rights, control, and ownership of your designs.

PLEASE BE AWARE: applications can take 4-8 weeks to be approved and all Australian artists will be prioritized


Royalties are calculated on the fabric retail price before discounts or promotional sales, meaning you will always earn the maximum possible. Royalties are set at 10% of the standard retail price (during sales your royalty will remain at the highest retail price). If someone buys 1m of Cotton Lycra with your design, you will be credited $3.85. Royalties will be calculated and paid to you upon request, however you will need to have earned more than $20 in royalties. Royalties will be paid via PayPal, direct deposit or store credit; please check with PayPal for payment fees for services and goods sold. Any international transfers via Paypal will incur a fee - this will be deducted from your total transferred amount.

Cloth Cuts will not withhold any tax on Royalty payments in line with Australian Tax Office guidelines for Royalties. Please ensure you adhere to income tax obligations regarding personal services income, etc.


Marketing your prints will primarily be your responsibility. However, we may include your listings in Email newsletters, on the website's homepage, and on our social media pages. You will receive a 25% discount on your prints for strike sewing for marketing both on the website and social media listing. This discount is intended only for you or people assisting you with strike sewing. The discount should not be passed onto others either by you purchasing on their behalf or otherwise. Royalties will not be paid on fabric sales purchased with this 25% discount. Once your listings are live, you can purchase them at the 25% discounted rate using a specific code.

Please get in touch with us to receive this code.

On occasion, we will order your designs to be strike-sewn in-house to assist with marketing. No royalties will be paid on these lengths.


Please ensure you have obtained copyright licenses and permissions for all artwork and clipart. Copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise protected designs without right or permission is a violation of our Terms of Service and International Law. This may include references to or images of a celebrity, fictional character, business, company, movie, TV show, band, sports team, products, etc.

Cloth Cuts Brand

Cloth Cuts will remain a distinct fabric design brand with exclusive designs and those purchased outright from our artisan partners. If this is deemed limiting in the future, we reserve the right to segregate the Artisan Marketplace to its own brand.

Whilst the Artisan Marketplace operates under the Cloth Cuts brand, we reserve the right to respectfully decline designs from participating in the programme.

Profane, Explicit or otherwise distasteful content

Along with maintaining the Cloth Cuts brand, we reserve the right to decline designs that include profanity, are explicit in nature, crude, rude, vulgar, racist, sexist, or deemed to be distasteful or disrespectful in other ways. We will not accept any prints that touch on any political stances that have potential to offend customers or any prints that are / contain cultural appropriation.

Licensing Agreement

Under this arrangement, we will lease a non-exclusive license to the artwork in exchange for Royalties paid as defined previously, which will allow us to use the design to print on fabric and other bases listed for sale on this website and sell worldwide.

The intellectual property (IP) will remain yours, and we will lease a license for $0 that gives us the "rights" to use the design outlined above. This means that we can not change or modify the design without your approval or use it for any other purpose, such as printed marketing material, including business cards and brochures. The watermarked or cropped print may be featured on social media and also on items made from fabric or other bases that include the print.

The non-exclusive nature of the agreement means that the design may be available for others, including yourself, for any other reason.

If either party breaks the agreement's terms, the lease and agreement shall be voided.

Ready to Join?

We cannot wait to have you on the team!

So to get the ball rolling please set yourself up with an account on the website and then send the following information to

  • The email address you previously set up your account with
  • Your logo with a transparent background
  • A brief "About Me"
  • A photo of yourself
  • ONE example of your work (seamless design)
  • Payment preference and details (Bank Transfer, Paypal or Store Credit are the currently available options. Bank Transfer for Australian Artists only) (please note that all international Paypal transfers will incur a fee, this will be deducted from your royalties)

Once your account has been linked to your new artist profile you will be able to log in at any time and upload and edit your prints.


How many prints do you recommend including? - It's more personal preference. We have had artists upload 3 to 40 prints for their initial release. You can always add more at a later date too.

Can I have my prints on other print-on-demand sites? - Yes, you certainly can! We do not require any exclusivity within the Artist Marketplace.

Do they need to be a part of a collection, or can they be stand-alone prints? - We are happy to include either option on your Artist page. For the time being though, if you would like for the prints to be displayed alongside each other, please add the collection title to the start of the name of the print. This will help as the prints are viewed alphabetically for the customers.

How much can I expect to sell? - How much you sell varies depending on many factors, including marketing. While marketing is primarily your responsibility, we are more than happy to share any post we have been tagged in on social media and will try to post images using your designs on fabric when possible.

What happens if I need to remove my designs? - If you need to remove one design or all of them, just let us know as soon as possible. Then give us a couple of days to remove it from the website. Please remember that if any prints have been sold in the round yet to be sent to the printer, we must fulfil those orders but will remove the design to prevent any more orders from occurring. There may also be some retail stock remaining, we will need to leave this in stock available for purchase for the public.

I need help converting my art to a seamless print. Can you help? - Yep, we certainly can! We're also happy to do it at no cost to you, provided that the seamless design remains the property of Cloth Cuts (this will only be used for printing on fabric and can still be requested to be removed from the website at any time by you). If you would like a copy of the file, there will be a fee depending on how long it took to convert the art. This will be discussed before any work begins on the print.

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