Upload your tile or panel in a PNG or JPG format with a resolution of at least 150 dpi. You will also need to specify the scale this is to be printed at. This can be done by specifying the size of an element of the tile in cm, or by specifying the entire tile width in cm. For tiled prints, please ensure that the file is seamlessly repeating and that the image size is at least 150dpi (1180px x 1180px for 20cm x 20cm).

A commercial license is required from the original artist or intellectual property owner of the artwork if the printed material is intended to be sold. Cloth Cuts will not be held responsible for any penalties for misuse of the custom printed fabric.  If you are unsure of the correct licencing you need for your print, please contact us.

For more information please see our FAQ page.

Fabric Bases:

Allow +/- 5% tolerance

PUL (Polyurethane Laminate): 150cm width & 170gsm

Cotton Lycra: 150cm width & 260gsm

Single Sided Minky: 150cm width & 250gsm (2mm pile height)

Double Sided Minky: 150cm width & 270gsm (4mm pile height each side)

Laminated Minky: 150cm width & 280gsm (2mm pile height)

French Terry: 150cm width & 280gsm

Cotton Poplin: 150cm width & 130gsm

Cotton Twill: 150cm width & 125gsm

Muslin: 150cm width & 110gsm

For more information on the fabric bases and care instructions please refer to our Fabric Information page.

All purchases over half a meter will be cut and shipped as one continuous length of fabric. All orders will be sent to production twice a month on the 1st and 16th. The fabric is expected to have a 5-7 week turn around time to your doorstep. However please be aware that things outside of our control may happen to cause delays. All updates on the progress of orders will be posted on the VIP Facebook group.


Fabric Base

PUL, Cotton Lycra, Single-Sided Minky, Double-Sided Minky, Laminated Minky, French Terry, Cotton Poplin, Cotton Twill, Muslin, Canvas, Linen


1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m


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