Under the Moon

My name is Kaille Harris and I am a stay at home mum of two. I am currently on maternity leave from my “real” job where I am the HoD of an Art Department at my local Secondary School. I have been a teacher for 10 years. I grew up wanting to be a teacher and I have loved every second of it.

I went on Maternity leave at the end of 2019 to have my son, he was born right before our first big lockdown here in New Zealand and soon I found myself getting quite bored with all the playgroups and meet up spots closed. So I took to Instagram for some inspiration.

A local Reusable Nappy company was running a “design your own print” competition, which really sparked the fire in me. I began painting and had soon completed my first design. I didn’t win the competition but it got the ball rolling with other companies sliding into my DMs asking if I could design for them too.

This gave me the confidence I needed to make this a real venture! Under The Moon was born in August of 2020 operating solely through Instagram and is now a thriving wee business that I am so proud to call my own!

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