Content Programme

How it works

We release new fabric patterns each month. To showcase these, we look to sewing pro’s like you to create awesome products with our fabric who can then help us with marketing photos for social media and our website.

There are two main positions that you can choose which you feel most comfortable fulfilling.

Each position will receive 0.5m – 1m of free fabric each month, as well as a discount code that can be used storewide. You also have the chance to earn loyalty points for greater discounts by referring new customers using a personalised link to our website that you can post in other sewing groups. You also will get access to all of our upcoming prints often months in advance of release. In return, we ask for 4-5 high-quality photos of a product made from your allocated print.

The main difference between the two positions is that in addition to strike sewing and photography, THE SCREEN TEAM will need to be actively talking about and advertising Cloth Cuts throughout and across your online community and ours.

Around 10 weeks before the release, we’ll let you in on the designs so that you can pick a print from the range in a few selected bases (PUL, CL, Minky, Muslin, other bases available for a small surcharge). This will be on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

Basic Rules

To help things run smoothly, here are a few ground rules to follow.

  • Being selected as a member of the HAPPY SNAPPERS or THE SCREEN TEAM is highly competitive and reviewed regularly. You may not be selected to participate every month.
  • Any fabric supplied under this programme or products made from the fabric are for your personal use only until after the release has started, from then you can market and sell those products in your store.
  • The fabric should arrive 5-6 weeks after selection. You’ll then have a 2-3 week window to create your items and have 4-5 high-quality photos sent to us of products made from your allocated print. These photos are due by the 25th of each month. Photos of products made from other prints from the same release are optional, however welcome.
  • Photos need to be of a finished product, they also need to be clear with the fabric in focus and supplied to us without any watermarks. We will mention your store on our social media in any posts we make that include your photo. You are more than welcome to watermark photos and tag/mention your store in posts you make. These photos can be emailed via or uploaded to dropbox.
  • Up until the release date, prints are NOT to be shared outside of the Cloth Cuts Content Group. We do require EVERYONE to share 1-2 sneak peeks to create a bit of hype on our Facebook VIP Group only, starting from 10 days before release. Sneaks can be photos from during creation or of completed products. Once the release has started, we encourage you to be as active as possible spruiking the release and Cloth Cuts in general across all groups and pages.
  • Your discount code is for your use only, please do not share or purchase products on behalf of others.

Additional Rules for THE SCREEN TEAM

  • During the first 2 weeks of the new print release, you will need to be active on social media posting at least 2 posts per week with photos of the product you have sewn made from your allocated print, mentioning that the print is available now on our website. Each post should use unique photos in different locations/settings. This can be done both on our Facebook VIP group (at least 1 post per week) and across other pages that allow cross-promotion.
  • You will need to be active across our social media pages, making sure to like and comment on each post.
  • You will also be required to make 1-2 posts per week in any other sewing groups that you are a member of (rules permitting), using your special referral link that earns you points and mentioning the fabric is currently available on our website. Encourage others to join our VIP group on Facebook as well.

Thank you so much for working with us, reach out if you have any questions!

Free Fabric Issued Each Month0.5m1m
Store-Wide Discount10%25%
Referral Points for each first time order100100
Number of high-quality Photos Required4-54-5
Share sneak peeks in Cloth Cuts VIP GroupYesYes
Two posts/week in VIP Group during first 2 wksYes
Actively Like and Comment on our postsYes
Posting in other sewing groups using your linkAppreciatedYes

Monthly Print Previews

Ordering 0.5m of Cotton Lycra for your Monthly Print

Specialty Bases

Your referral link can be found at Send this to us in an email or message, and we will shorten it so it will will look like this “” (this is a manual process unfortunately). You’ll receive 100 points each time someone orders using your link for their first order.

Suggested pages to share about us on:
– How to make your own Modern Cloth Nappies and Woolies
– Aussie Promotion for custom fabric groups (advertise upcoming releases/new rounds now open only)
– PUL Fabric Buy Swap Sell Australia Only
– Aussie Knit Fabric Hub (Cotton Lycra, French Terry only, 1 image per post – collages are okay as long as it is one image)
– Aussie Woven Fabric Appreciation Club (woven bases only)
– Any pattern group you may have used (just make sure the rules allow you to tag us before you do. Otherwise just flash the fabric everywhere and hope that someone will ask where it’s from)

As a bit of a guide, it’d be great if you could mention these things:
– Tag us (Cloth Cuts OR Cloth Cuts VIP Group), and/or pop our website into your post
– When the release will be OR if it is already available
– Share your special link, the more referrals you get the more benefits you’ll receive
– The base you’ve used, someone might not have realised that we stock that specific base

Incomplete Priority Prints:
Please be aware, that if you are unable to complete your priority print and do not upload 4-5 high-quality images before the due date, you will be asked to either return your fabric (if uncut and unwashed) or to cover the cost of the fabric. Invoices will be issued as required.

We do understand that life does happen though so please communicate with us if you feel the deadline is booming and you are unable to complete it. We may be able to find a way around it without either of us having to be out of pocket.

If you are also aware of a month that you know you will be too busy to be able to complete it, please let us know before orders are placed so that we are able to fill your priority print elsewhere, all without any cost to either party.